How to Sign Up?

Signing up on our platform takes only a few simple steps.

First, visit our website at and click the signup button, at the top right corner of your screen.

You’ll be re-directed to the signup page. On this page, you’ll be presented with two options; Sign up to Oystr TH, and Sign up to Oystr Float.

Click on Sign up to Oystr TH, and fill in the necessary information including your full name, company email address, and phone number.

After inputting this information, you’ll be prompted to attach relevant documents including company shareholders agreement, BVN and more.

Once all information and relevant documents are sent, you can send us a message via mail, and we’ll make your account live. Please note that you cannot transact on our platform except we toggle you to go live.

How To Fund Your Wallet

Simply click on the “Wallet” located on the left side of your dashboard. We currently allow payment with debit cards and bank transfers.

For the Bank Transfer method, you’ll be presented with a virtual account detail for your transaction. The virtual account will expire within one hour upon initiation.

Payments made with the Bank Transfer method will reflect on your wallet balance within one minute of completing the transaction.

For the Debit card method, simply input your card details and complete your payment. Your wallet will be credited immediately.

Please note: Wallet funding can only be made after you’ve been toggled to go live by the Oystr team.

How to Call Data

You can either call data from the front end or through your preferred integration.

The integration method:

Simply use postman or any integration of your choice. Copy your API keys from settings and go to postman to integrate it. Our API documentation link is available on the dashboard. Click on “Developers” on your dashboard and select “Get API Docs” to see a full breakdown on how to integrate it.

The Frontend Method:

Click on “Oystr TH” on the left side of your dashboard. You’ll see a drop down showing your “Dashboard” and “Customers”. Click on “Customers”

To call data with this method, you’ll first need to create a customer. Click on “Create Customer” located at the top right corner of your screen.

You’ll be prompted to input the necessary customer details including the customer’s name, phone number and BVN.

Next, an OTP would be sent to the customer to verify their identity and consent to data integration.

Once the customer is verified you can begin to call data. You can click on agency data, Savings and Credit Co-Operative Society (SACCOs), SMS data, and more.

After creating customers, Click on “Identity '' and you'll see all your customers. If you click on any customer, you can select to fetch data for the customer. You’ll see data points such as BVN, NIN, CAC,and more.

Simply click on any of them, input the necessary details, and get the data in a tabular form.